Hi, thanks for clicking on the paw icon. So... for those unfamiliar with my work:

It's tough for me to say how this comic should be rated, so let's take the safest route possible and say that Work Sucks is a webcomic made with some mature themes.

It's a comic made by adults, for adults. I'm not sure if it's ironic that a comic about work should be considered NSFW or not, but I imagine you don't wanna be caught reading a comic about furries getting eaten by stuff at work.

Even Blobs Need a Good Cleaning, Too

I'm pretty sure I've done twenty puns about "mouthfuls" or "hang in there" or something by this point but I'm PROUD to say this page contains the world record for most hanging on and suction lines in a single page.

I've found myself in a really really weird spot right now where I want to work on a bunch of things but even moreso want to work on this comic a bunch more now, too. All of this and now having a new roll at work is just making this all feel super weird considering I wanted to get into other comics.

Ah well I'm a mess, but at least I'll always have this world or furries, weirdo monsters, and vacuums to return to.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com