Those Wonderful Toys

The Monster Containment and Protection agency has all the tools necessary to take care of monster attacks. Well, when their budget allows.

I am a huge fan of board and card games lately. Huh, I might have mentioned that before at some point. I probably did. War games, deck-building, dice games, worker placement, all that fun stuff. Made me kind of want to make my own card game around Work Sucks, or at least the monsters.

The social aspect is really fun, but you also get a ton of mechanics that you'll never see in any video game. Bluffing? Negotiations? Deals? You might rage over something that happens on Xbox Live, but it's really fun when the rage can be felt across the table. Think you'll get a chance to build that tech you've been working on all game? Well, I just sabotaged it.

Then the table gets flipped.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com