The Legendary Socks

Oh, many legends tell of the legendary figure only known as 'Socks'. Once thought to be lost in the land of Dry'er forever, only to bravely fight out and roam the lands, has she overcome adversary and stood the test of time. Or, I might be making all that up.

RandomArtist fills in for the coloring during this holiday week, because he's awesome like that.

I know in many countries, people have their beer and other escapes, but how would it work in a world like this? I suppose Haze Fruit is one way to tackle the subject. Wines also exist in the world, but I'm not quite sure beer does. Seems that more fruit-based drinks to imbibe would be more fitting for the world.

Wine festivals must be pretty crazy here.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com