The Daily Gust

It took a long enough time, but a certain character finally gets his name known to the world.

Thanks to DragonHead for the name! I figured it was up to Suited Weirdo's biggest fan to name the guy. DH also had some fun and sent this BIG SPEECH alongside the name, and I couldn't help but smile reading it, SO I'M POSTING THE WHOLE THING HERE:

"First, I would like to thank you, KazJester, for selecting me to accomplish this task. Since his first introduction, I have wanted to know more about him. Like him, I have felt that there is a majesty about the creatures that live around us. Coming up with names is not one of my strong points. I put a lot of thought and effort into making my selection. The name I selected is one of the few that I would have given to myself if I was given a chance. To the one known as 'Suited Weirdo,' it is with great privilege and honor that I bestow the name of Sebastian upon you. May you continue your journey learning about your fellow monsters as you explore your connection with them."

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