Work's being a bit of a butt, and while overtime is going on, thought I could show off a new "kin" type I want to draw in the comic sometime.

These are vacuum-kin, and as much as their name implies, are a special type of kin that are basically anthropomorphic vacuum cleaners. Think of them like a plush-like character, but made out of a vacuum bag material instead, and pretty much as powerful as any vacuum monster in the Work Sucks comic.

Not much is known about them, and who knows when they might actually show up, but I'd like to have additional types of kin in the comic on top of the animal-kin and monster-kin that pop up. I got an idea for how they sort of work and some of the mysteries behind them.

And finally, as for why there's one that looks like Gayle, it was a suggestion from Clownmonster to have Gayle sort of turned into one.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com