When you're tired of being cooped up and alone, surrounded by junk, sometimes you take your work elsewhere.

But if Gayle new what comic he was in he would have expected this outcome.

The sheet he placed isn't made of paper. It's more of a rubbery or latex sheet, and is capable of doing much more than absorbing ink. Though only capable of holding one occupant, when agitated or activated it's got a pretty good range of what it pulls in.

Though animal-kin are used to being sucked into a lot of things, it's not always wind based based. Some traps are gravity powered, and some, much like this sheet, have more of a magnetic pull to them, which makes it just as tough to resist.

On top of the coloring, Vausch drew the flattened Gayle, giving him a very unique and humorous look.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com