Definitely Not Business Casual

Okay, so I know there's actual story stuff happening on this page, but I just can't get over Gayle's jumpsuit.

So I've had this page drawn for 2 months now, but then a lot of other comic stuff happened and I really wanted to do some InkBolt pages and do some Halloween pages and then, well, overtime at work happened and now I've recovered and it's December? Wow that really... flew by.

I'm doing the coloring myself for a couple pages. I'd like to get more practice doing coloring but Vausch will still be coloring or helping make new pages based on the direction I want to go. I might return to the idea where we alternate, both doing comics that continue plot points or just have new things happen, and see where that goes!

And as always, I'm still trying out new styles or techniques. Heck, InkBolt makes me want to draw the cast with more toony snouts, or maybe even simplify some designs. I dunno what the next page I do will look like, or maybe it'll still be like this!

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com