The Right Tool

Sometimes, when dealt with a tough situation in your line of work, you have to improvise. Maybe some methods are a bit messier than others.

Some of you might notice a few new things on the site, all of which being ads. I'll be working in the next few weeks to blend them in better, but please give me some leeway as I'm new to the advertising thing. Even if just a portion, these will help with the hosting costs, since I enjoy the freedom having my own host brings, instead of having to rely on a webcomic hosting service, or going through a wordpress system.

Vausch once again did a great job coloring. He's starting to get a bit more comfortable with the process, and add his own touches in here and there. Special thanks also goes to my coder, Quill, who put up with me during this whole ad-adding process, and rearranging the site where necessary.

Also, he fixed a bug in the news where content was unselectable, so now I can link you things, like this movie trailer:

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com