The Green Stuff

Gayle is in a rubber funnel of emotion.

Man, this was supposed to just be a dumb furry webcomic about monsters and their tendency to eat things. Okay... it still is, and probably always will be. But, what I mean was that originally this was supposed to be this little side project I did, in black and white, obscured to a gallery where I took my time doing it and not much else. Now this thing has grown into such a big project for me. Is this how most webcomics end up going? Maybe if I quit my job, I'd have more time.

Just kidding! I might have been crazy to give Work Sucks it's own site, but not crazy enough to quit my dayjob. Money is kinda required to support the things you love doing.

I blame all the people that bugged me to put this on its own site (and by that I mean I secretly thank you).

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com