Guest Comic by RandomArtist

It should be made known that I consider all of these guest comics canon, so far. My original colorist RandomArtist shows us what happened to Epicena after she was rescued by her two henchguys, freed from her hammer-space ball.

Work Sucks will be back to its regularly scheduled schedule-ness in a couple weeks. I'm still kinda enjoying this little hiatus, but also want to make sure I can build even just a little bit of a buffer if I can.

The next chapter is going to mean a lot of new things for me. New and challenging environments to draw, new characters to be creating on a page by page basis, and new ways of drawing characters I've already drawn for 80-ish pages. I'm not changes a lot of stuff, just some slight features, but I think it'll help me practice things I wasn't able to as much before, like expressions.

Characters have eyebrows now! Sound the alarms!!

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com