A Boss Who Really Cares

Gayle didn't count on his boss to be that caring. Then again, it's hard to judge Kaz's level of caring in any given situation.

Ah, the good ol' days of calling out sick to work. When I was younger, I always thought you had to sound sick, in order for it to stick. You'd hack, you'd cough, you'd make sure you sounded the worst you possibly could. Hilarious.

Nowadays, that's the quickest way to sound fake. Just be honest. Heck, I've texted my boss before. Is that the cowards way out, or the best way?

Now, this chapter is going to be a bit experimental. I'm trying to figure out this new style, and on top of that, there are new environments to deal with everywhere. I really do appreciate any feedback, and hope that I can make all of this work.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com