Sure, Work Sucks is about work and stuff, but there's a whole world out there of other oddities that go on. This section is a collection of bonus comics we're looking to update whenever we feel like contributing something!

Life Sucks - Mimic
Surely, in such a harsh world, you'd expect your fellow animal-kin to be the last of your worries.
By: Vausch
The Tattoo Artist
It's not easy getting tattoos when you're covered in fur, but one lady might have a way.
By: Kaz
Valentine's Day Cards
I'm an awful person for making 3/4ths of these...
By: Kaz
The Humble Tree
The origins of a yearly holiday in the Work Sucks world.
By: Kaz, with color by Vausch
Life Sucks - Board Game Night
Board games are a great way to hang out with friends and relax after work. Well, they should be, anyways.
By: Kaz
Five Nights at Zeppy's
I made a thing. The new hire for security sure has a rough time ahead of him.
By: Kaz
Life Sucks - Bus Stop
Oh the woes of public transportation.
By: GT
Life Sucks - Date Night
Even if survival is always on your mind, so is having a good night out.
By: Vausch
Halloween 2012
Some thieves pick the wrong house as their next target. I wanted to do something in the spirit of the comic, but still aim for something creepy on its own.
By: Kaz
Life Sucks - Public Services
City life is hard enough with all the monsters around. Good to see those tax dollars at work.
By: Vausch
Quill made this! --