Divine Justice! The Fury Only the Heart Brings to Battle!!

Socks is hard at work... at going through Gayle's belongings. RandomArtist offers his talents to bring this in-universe comic book to life, and I thanks him greatly!

You might notice the new 'Bonus!' button at the top, or you might notice the link below. Our new bonus comic section has launched, and should bring a new comic every once in a while. These bonus comics will be uploaded mid-week, usually on Wednesdays, when we have something new to show.

Currently, Vausch has the first comic in a series called 'Life Sucks' up. I'd like to contribute some as well. The best part about these is that since these don't involve the main cast, there is a lot of freedom in what we can do with them. It should be a fun experiment.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com