Locked and Loaded

Certainly Gayle's plan will solve everything.

I love the cartoon logic of hammerspace. Okay, instead of resorting to tropes, maybe the idea of condensed space, or packed dimensions and whatnot. Either way, it's a very cartoony concept and fits very well in this universe. Even the lungs/stomachs of the creatures operate on this sort of concept, so it would make sense for the animal-kin to adopt it.

Looks like my annual overtime season will be starting soon. I don't think I'll fall behind due to it, as I can always find time to draw, but things will steadily pick up pace over time. I'm debating if I want to have another run of guest comics, but I also don't think the chapter will end at the right time. If I do guest comics, then they might just be included in this chapter rather than splitting the chapter up. I guess we'll see how that works out.

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