Actually It's a Mine, Not a Cave

(I've missed a couple updates in November so far, it seems. November's looking to be a weird month for me, and sorry that I haven't updated yet, but I'm weighing whether to take a break for a little bit or not and resume in December. Just personal reasons. I'd like to finish some things, and take care of some work stuff, and work on another project for a little bit. I'll see how things are going, and update soon!

Who knows, maybe throw up a guest comic or two in the meantime? I'll have to see!)

When you've spent your whole life having to learn to hang onto things, a trip down the vacuum mines is like a walk in the park. Well, maybe not.

No one knows how the mines came to be, as they appear much smaller on the outside, seeming to have the same space distortion effect that many monsters seem to have. Lots of crystals can be found within, many of them strong enough to power all sorts of animal-kin tech.

I'm working on the Halloween bonus comic this week. Hoping to have it ready in time!

Latest Bonus Comic:

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