Work Sucks: The Board Game

Rules: Use a 6-sided die to move. Each space has a special rule to follow.

Bubble Chamber - Bounce ahead 4 spaces
O'Ros - Go to Bo'Ros
Wind Tunnel - Go to the space at the end of the tunnel
Bo'Ros - Go to O'Ros
Junk Stomach - Found another die, roll 2 dice at once on your next turn
Main Stomach - Friendly monsters give a ride, roll again!
Heart - Vibrations knock you back 1 space
Esophagus - Stuck in the muck, lose 1 turn!
Lungs - The number you rolled to pass by or leave this space determines what direction you go. 1 is always up through the wind tunnel. Odd goes left, and even goes down.

Quill made this! -- quillsparks@gmail.com